2020 – 2025: Worlwide Mobile Trends

The first quarter of the year is the time for trend analysis and reporting. This year, in addition to the figures for the mobile content sector, we have analyzed predictions for the new decade. And, with focus on impact trends for the next five years.

Of course, the technological revolution continues to move forward, and the numbers are growing in every possible way: profits, advertising revenues, hours of streaming video playback… But there is one piece of information that has especially caught our attention: in 10 years, smartphone penetration will reach 80% of the world’s population. Currently the access to smartphones is 67%, but in many cases, they are shared or legacy devices.

In a decade, these smartphones will become completely ubiquitous, and will be the devices through which we will enjoy all our digital leisure and operate our smart home devices. China will overtake the United States in mobile revenues and many other emerging economies will experience sharp increases. In places like Africa, Telcos have a golden opportunity to establish themselves as core businesses and gain strong recognition as service providers in the technology and communications sector.

Among the countries that will grow exponentially in the next few years are India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Mexico and Brazil. The strong entry of non-English-speaking countries into the mobile market is expected to be a paradigm shift in the development of content and services, in which new behaviors and new needs will have a key role.

In the last five years, India went from 10% of Smartphone penetration to 28% of the population with access to these devices. This figure is expected to rise to 34% by 2023. Brazil, which today has 46% of the population using smartphones, will reach 51% penetration in 2023. And Vietnam went from 20.07% in 2014 to 51.6% in 2019. But the figures that have grown up the most in these countries, compared to 2018, are those of in-app advertising: 78% more in Vietnam, 151% growth in India and 215% in Brazil.

The mobile sector has become, in these countries, one of the sectors that inspires most confidence. And the eCPMs we have achieved confirm this confidence and encourage us to continue investing in emerging geographies.
In addition, it is estimated that all new users and future generations will base their Internet use on smartphones, therefore, a strong economic expansion is expected for mobile applications and content. A good proxy of this new reality is the mobile-only platform that Netflix has launched in India, focusing user acquisition on the market that has the greatest adoption.

The Upify team started in this sector almost two decades ago and we can testify for the strong growth since then. And far from decreasing, the mobile activity requires new innovations every day.

In 2012 we extended our activity to countries with emerging economies and, since then, we have been helping our clients penetrate these markets where habits are still being shaped, there is much to gain partnering with the right players.

23 March 2020