Plan your future to succeed in the video-game entertainment industry

By June 2020, the 5G network will be ready for use throughout the country, at full performance. Around that date, marketing of mid-range devices with access to 5G and data tariffs adapted to new data consumption will also start. So yes, we can already say that 5G has arrived.

However, a rapid commercialization of this technology is not expected, since the demand for data consumption that will promote its use has not yet been seen.

Instant messaging and streaming video services were the applications that led to the rapid deployment of 3G and 4G. But today there is no specific market demand for the switch to 5G, beyond the complex uses of industry and services: remote surgical operations, autonomous cars, monitoring of large buildings and infrastructures …

The telco operators are looking for those applications that will extend the use of the new network. And there are many voices in the entrepreneurial sector who believe that video games can make the difference between 5G and 4G.

And they are not wrong. Video game enthusiasts are probably the users who will benefit most from the arrival of 5G on personal devices. Games like Fortnite would become tremendously fluid and support massive user connections. The Smartphone is already the gamers’ favorite device in Spain, with 49% compared to 38% playing from their computer. With a 5G revolution, usage in mobile devices could skyrocket.

Mobile games based on Augmented Reality will be more accurate, will offer more possibilities shaping the way we interact with the environment, will have less latency and may incorporate characters that interact fluidly and dynamically with the physical environment.

Cloud-based games and those based on video streaming will no longer suffer from service drops due to network saturation and high demand. And Virtual Reality will be more immersive, fluid and allow a more intense and real experience.

At Upify we are preparing our platforms to support the 5G revolution. It is expected that the deployment of 5G will be global and widespread within a period of 3 to 5 years. And those game creators and distributors who start leveraging the capabilities of 5G sooner will grab the benefits of this new technology.

Now is the time to innovate in video games leveraging new levels of connectivity. And Upify is already positioning itself on the starting grid. What about You?

11 March 2020